In addition to the law firm I offer translation services for documents within the range of the fields of law on which the firm focuses. You receive a translation reviewed by me as an attorney-at-law based on my knowledge of the legal field.

The following language combinations are available:


German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Polish or Italian


German or English

These are examples of potential document types to be translated:
  • Litigation section and other legal items in any mandatory disclosure document such as the annual report/ Management Report, Form 20-F etc.; Report of the Supervisory Board, Dependency Report
  • Invitations to the General Meeting of Shareholders; resolutions of shareholders; Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Articles of association/ bylaws; shareholder agreements
  • Contribution agreements; profit and loss transfer agreements; other corporate documents or agreements
  • Restructuring resolutions; merger agreement/ spin-off agreement; merger report/ spin-off report
  • Share purchase agreements; asset purchase agreements; joint venture agreements; restructuring agreements; other transactional documentation
  • Debt or equity securities prospectuses
  • Credit facilities, bond documentation, structured finance documentation, „repo“ documentation, mezzanine debt documentation and the like
  • Other contracts in the fields of law focused on by the law firm, including complex schemes
  • Documents deriving from law suits or arbitration proceedings (writ of summons, discovery request, statement of defense, judgment etc.) in the fields of law focused on by the law firm
  • Legal opinions relating to issues in the fields of law focused on by the law firm
Professional Background:

Legal work in different languages has been a constant in my professional life.

I have worked as attorney-at-law or as in-house counsel, using the languages on offer for translation, and – for all languages with the exception of Italian – I have passed training in the legal terminology of the relevant jurisdictions.

As part of my responsibilities as in-house counsel at the Corporate Legal Department of Aventis, I was responsible for the legal review of the translation, respectively for the independent translation, of the legal items in the annual report and of the shareholder resolutions of Aventis (a French law stock corporation headquartered in Strasbourg and listed at the Paris Stock Exchange) from English into German, respectively from French into German, for three business years.

For translations into the English language, I cooperate with a U.S.-American native speaker who specializes in legal translations. She has long-standing professional experience in legal translations and an academic background in linguistics and business administration. Translations done in the context of this cooperation will be reviewed by me as an attorney-at-law, based upon my knowledge of the law, for technical legal accuracy.